How to write awesome & perfect blog post

Blog Post- their Awesome and perfect ways

How to write awesome & perfect blog post

Your blog should be clear,  cleaned & visible but also have SEO-Friendly

Let see how want to write SEO-Friendly blog posts

What want to write :
Before write post need to thing about what you going to write. Thing that what you want to say with this blog post. Write down all points on a paper . after you easy to write directly on post.

Make Format for your blog:
Yes make format to write your blog or post. Firstly write paragraph of introduction. In this paragraph your targeted keywords.& cleared on
Which subjected of this post or whatever you want to say cleared on post in this paragraph.
After Sub-Heading H2 , H3, Points and Bullets use this  all formats in your post. &  in end of post write conclusion of this post

What you want write in Paragraph :
Make your post devide in to some small small paragraphs.   Should be 5 to 6 paragraphs is there. Should have 400 to 500 words in post. It will very nice. Make sure your paragraph not more long & also short it should contains 400 to 500 words

Sub-heading :
Use Sub-heading in your post.  use in your post with correctly of H2 & H3. Remember use H1 heading  for Title of post & Don’t write post title in should not in under post.

Read post once Again :
Before publish your post read it once again for checking any corrections out correction do it If need any.

Write completed :
Don’t leave post incompletely . because anybody don’t like incomplete post & blog also.. So make sure its completed

Add some photo:
Add At-least one photo in your post. As per SEO requirement. Should Be have Atleast 4 to 5 photos is useful. Keep in mind write Alt+text on every photo.


Use keywords in URL,Posts,sub-heading and Alt Text. don’t use your keyword more times . keyword should use in 1-2%.

Links :

Use at least 4 to 5 links in your post, you can use your another post to with this links.

Other : 

Use readable FONT & SIZE of words , & Place advertise on correct place these don’t  want disturb to  user to read post.


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