What are the alternatives to Google AdSense


What are the alternatives to Google AdSense

Well, if you think that google adsense program is the only program exist , then you are mistaken.
There are many companies and many websites offer the very same programs that is offered by google
was that adsense or adwords programs.

If you are searching for alternatives to Google AdSense, you probably had some problems with your account or
are just researching around to make sure you are using the best option for your site. Sometimes with Google,
you can have a suspended account or be refused advertising and it’s not really clear why.

You can even lose money with the abrupt stop of service and any time income stops, a site owner or administrator
can be in real trouble and with absolutely no control over the situation or how to remedy it. Accounts can be
suspended if the wrong robot software or script clicked ads multiple times, or other activities no one can really
foresee or forestall.

The best thing to do is be prepared or have several sources to maintain income. If you can’t rely on Google
AdSense 100% of the time, it makes sense to look for an alternative, as backup, substitute or for simultaneous
service, that is consistent in counting views and impressions, the percentage of share that they give to the
publisher and satiability and stability of the account.

Having tried several alternative ad revenue providers or advertising and marketing networks, I have found out all
too well that not all work consistently and usually one or more disadvantages surfaces. One that has risen above
the fray and has all of the benefits without any apparent downfalls is AdsPact.com.

Here are just some of the features for www.AdsPact.com advertising and marketing network that I found very positive
for my sites and business overall:

• AdsPact.com provides 80% share for publishers, far more than most providers, including Google AdSense.

• Publisher accounts get approved in 24 hours or less, often less to even start having ads placed. AdsPact will
approve accounts using blogs or free hosting and free domains such as domains from www.co.cc .

• Publishers do not need to create separate ads units or accounts for each domain you have. You can use the very
same ads at any number of domains you own or manage. This is one of the best features, which makes it much easier
for publishers with multiple sites that can and do effectively share the same ads with one account, rather than
one for each domain.

Then payments and logins are all managed from one place and much faster.

• AdsPact has the best fraud detection in the industry. The site has their own in-house fraud detection system
which automatically deducts any invalid clicks or invalid views from your account. Publishers need not worry
about any needless account suspensions for actions out of their control, even if a software/script kept viewing
and clicking adverting. Your account will remain active and earnings are unaffected.

• AdsPact.com allows upto 3 advertisement blocks per page and displays the highest bidders whose content matches
your site’s audience.

• AdsPact pays publishers with Paypal, but will work with you to make payments through other sites/services
depending on country, like Moneybookers, Skrill.com, Alertpay and even wire transfer where necessary.

And minimum for payment is only $10. After a full year trying out competitors and pay per click services, I can
honestly assert that I could not find a better alternative or supplement to Google AdSense than AdsPact.com.

It is ideal to replace or complement as neither service precludes effective use of the other on the same site,
even at the same time. My conclusion, from experience, trial and error is that www.AdsPact is not only the best,
but the only viable alternative to Google AdSense for maximum monetization.

for more details you can visit AdsPact.com and read their FAQ pages there you will find answers to all your questions.

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