How To Make Blog with blogger & WordPress

  How to make Blog with Blogger & WordPress

Blogger with WordPress

For making blog lot of platform is in market example ,,,,,, etc..but in that which is better like questions answer will see

Where to create blog & how to make blog

For create blog keep in mind some question & decide

1) Decide for why you want Make:
first ask your self why want make this blog,you want make blog for only enjoyment or share just information to viewers,or because
from this blog you want earn money or you want sell some products,or if you don’t understand anything then use any Keyword tool i will help you to make blog.

2) Choose Platform :
Examples –,WordPress etc..
If you want make money form Blog but you dont want pay any money for creating blog..then go to sign up first then Login your account then follow up step-by-step to make blog.
in you can place Google adsense or amazon’s advertise for earn money.
If you can able to some pay money for one professional blog then choose WordPress.

Domain name – For make professional blog you need one domain name ( then buy domain & hosting you will try to buy from Go-daddy ,Blue-host or big-rock.

after you buy domain & hosting .In your host website (ex – login & go to control panel in left side you can find WordPress click on that now you want install it..
after some time it will be install on your server , now you can log in WordPress with username & password. now you have to choose Theme as per your requirement.
&you can find many option in WordPress panel ..slowly read every option & design your blog step by step.Like Make your Blog ..enjoy blogging..

In next post i will give information about theme of blog because every blogger reason Successful or failure because his blog theme & Layout..

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