Examples of Social Marketing – How to Influence Social Behaviors


Examples of social marketing have evolved over the years from something that used to be very costly and complicated, to methods that are free and can spread like wildfire.

Social marketing is used to “sell” ideas, attitudes and behaviors.  The purpose is to benefit society by spreading the message.

Critical steps to put examples of social marketing into place include knowing your:

Product/Goal – What is the belief you are communicating?

Price – What the consumer must do in order to take hold of that belief?

Delivery Method – How will people access this idea or belief?

Target audience – Who does the message need to reach?

Partnership – Can you work with a team to promote the message?

Knowing this, we can move forward into examples of social marketing to help you know what will work best for you.

One of the examples of social marketing in the last decade would be the campaign Health Canada undertook to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death in Canada.  Obviously, their goal was to decrease the risk of SIDS.  The price was laying babies on their backs to sleep.  The delivery method was through brochures, posters, and common messages from all involved in health care.  The target audience was parents and caregivers.  The partnership was between Health Canada, The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, The Canadian Institute for Child Health, and the Canadian Pediatric Society.  The results from this effort was an increase in awareness from 44% (in 1999) to 66% (in 2001) that the proper position to place a baby during sleep is on his/her back.  Note the years this took place.  The instant, global methods we have now, were not readily accessible then.

One of the more current examples of social marketing is of the Think Simple Now blog by Tina Su, who was able to get over 2000 subscribers to her blog in 3 months, single handedly at no monetary cost.  This is what Tina used to spread the word about her blog.  Word of mouth in person and via email, connected with readers of her blog via email, commented on other blogs, link to other blogs to create community, trust and relationship, made 5 new blogger or social media friends weekly, commented and contributed to others’ online articles.

Other free examples of social marketing that you might want to learn to implement are:
Social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook.
Sharing pictures online that embody the message you want to get out.  Include a link back to your site at the bottom of each picture.
Sharing videos online that express your message.  TubeMogul is a great site that allows you to upload to multiple video sites at one time.
Targeting social bookmarking sites.  This allows you to tag different sites publicly so others can see your bookmarks and look at the sites you are visiting.One great site to assist you in this is Delicious.com.

The most exciting part is that today, more than ever, we have access to unlimited examples of social marketing that we can easily apply ourselves.  It has become a global world right at our fingertips, giving us so much opportunity to influence the world with ideas and attitudes that will affect positive change.


Source by Kim Webster

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