DNN 9 Offers a More Modern Platform to the Developers With Enhanced Features


Marketing your business is largely driven by digital marketing techniques now-a-days and with more than 65% people using online search engines to avail services or find products, it is vital for website owners to choose the best CMS that can be used to implement cost effective marketing strategies. A good CMS always allows the business owners the freedom to control their website actively and at the same time offer various options for creating great content.

DNN or DotNetNuke is a popular CMS that offers efficient code base and ensures that the site runs effectively and provides a great user experience. DNN Corp has recently released the latest DNN platform version 9.0 and it has come up with many new features. Critics are of the opinion that though the new updates needs some polishing, but overall the updates are very nice.

In this article, let’s check some of the important areas in DNN 9.0

Changes in the control panel:

First and foremost thing is that the administration experience has become a lot more contemporary. The new personal bar that replaced the control bar is of course doing a great job. You can see two new bars on the left side and at the bottom that comprise of the new persona bar, which allows editing various aspects of the site without waiting for the page to reload. This is a time saver especially when you have multiple things to handle.

Mutli tasking:

You may be working on multiple tasks in the configuration like receiving urgent phone calls asking for a quick SQL query report, you switch for the SQL view and run the query and then there is a request from the IM department about an URL that is needed for a campaign. You navigate to the page and send the URL. You can now get back to your work again. Simply navigate back to the configuration manager and all the updates will be there. All you need is to save them.


The admin and host modules that we have been using over the past few years are removed with streamlined counterparts. These additions are carefully grouped together as there were various settings there were hidden across configuration views and collapsed sections. You had to use DNN for years before becoming an expert. But now the global and site specific setting are put side by side and are easily distinguishable. In cases when you are not logged with enough permission, then the global settings are neatly removed and you don’t even know that they existed.

The future of DNN is bright:

There are two most popular complaints about DNN’s early version and they are its speed and the administration looks. With the latest version of DNN 9.0 development, the administration issue is clearly fixed and the speed is also addressed to a great extent. These series of updates are great foundations that will impact the future of DNN. The latest release, architecturally speaking is considered to be the first step toward a new ASP.NET Core that we all have been waiting for quite a long time.


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