How to choose Blog Design & Layout

Design & layout of blog is important to choose

How to choose Blog Design & Layout

Every successful & failure blog behind reason is blog’s design & Layout
let see one blog how can look nice.

choose blog theme as per your blog niche means as per subject that may looks
clean & clear because every viewers don’t go on dirty blogs & don’t like these type of
blogs and need to load fastly & quickly there for choose theme & layout that need
to clean & clear & load fast

Layout :
choose layout based on subject or whatever you like that look nice.Menu is
always be upside or on right side & keep mind Menu will be highlighted & look
Place advertise & any other widgets on left side & make sure because of advertise
it will not difficulty to read post to viewers.

Title :

Title of blog make sure should be regarding as per subject.keep in mind title
should not be very long & should have targeted keyword in title.

Widgets & Plugins :

If you created your blog in WordPress then you can use many widgets & plugins
with WordPress , with use of widgets & plugins you make your blog attractive &
usefully to viewers.


 Please Beware if you connect comment box after every post then choose option of first approve then display this comment on your blog , for save your blog from SPAM with like these comments.


your all post write with carefully ,clean , clear & mistake post should have write your targeted keyword . Use in your post H 1, H2 & H3 heading correctly. use photos & videos as per topic of your post.  do post daily,weekly or monthly basis.for more traffic & engaging traffic on your blog every day it will help your impression on your blog & earning with Adsense.

SEO : 

With the help of SEO You can give up your blog on top in Google, yahoo or bing search engines.use SEO correctly.

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